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I'm Yuri Shibuya, a body makeup beautician.

The first time I went on a diet was when I was in elementary school.
When I was in college, I developed an eating disorder due to extreme dietary restrictions. There was a time when I thought about committing suicide because I was so self-loathing that I couldn't even live a normal life.

“I want to reduce my feelings of guilt about food and at least return to a normal life.” With that in mind, I started body shaping through training and other healthy lifestyles.
Of course my body has changed to be healthy and beautiful, but above all, my heart has changed.
I have learned to love myself and accept myself for who I am.

"I want to change this part of my body..."
"Motivation doesn't last..."
"I can't love myself..."
You will receive complaints from many followers.

How can I make my body beautiful?
How can I make my body look beautiful?
How can I increase my motivation?
How can I learn to love myself?

I've been thinking, worrying, and overcoming such things for a long time, so there's something I can do for everyone.
What if I could turn the worries and complexes of people who are suffering like I used to into joy and confidence? With that in mind, I launched ALMOORE.

ALMOORE is a coined word,
I love myself more + alinomama
“Love yourself more and live as you are”

Body shaping is not a goal, but a way to love yourself more, have confidence, and live happily in your own way.

Because the body and the mind are connected,
If you change your body, your mind will also change.

The purpose of my life is to create opportunities for happiness for as many people as possible.
We hope that through the ALMOORE brand, as many people as possible will be able to create an opportunity to love themselves and live happily in their own way.