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¥10,800 (税込価格¥11,880)
Color: Black

The brand's first gender-sized sweatshirts are finally in the lineup.
A simple and timeless design with a logo that is one size larger than a short hoodie on the chest. Since it is a gender size development for both men and women, it is also a great point that you can choose a larger size instead of just fitting, or you can choose your favorite size.
The brand's first men's development, please enjoy the pair coordination with your partner.

We confidently recommend it as a must-have item for ALMOORE users.

Model: YURI 163cm M / KIM 160cm M / Shintaro 177cm L

Fabric: 100% cotton 10oz. Back pile *

*Using a back pile fabric that is characterized by its excellent texture and water absorption.

Size guide:

S. M. L. XL
Height 67 71 76 81
Width 55 58 63 68
shoulder width 48 52 55 58
Sleeve Length 60 61 62 63

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