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ALMOORE BEAUTY sales start

At 13:00 on Saturday, December 17, 2022, "ALMOORE BEAUTY Rich Body Cream ~ body design & relax time ~ CBD" will be held at 13:00 on Saturday, December 17, 2022. release.
We will deliver products that can gently care for the skin according to the holiday season.

Beauty line is born from ALMOORE

“ALMOORE BEAUTY Rich Body Cream ~ body designing & relax time ~ CBD” has a smooth texture and is ideal for massage, so we support self-massage for body makeup and blood circulation promotion. For self-care for those who are concerned about puffiness and cellulite, we use carefully selected ingredients with excellent quality such as arnica flower extract, which has excellent skin conditioning effects, and CBD (cannabidiol, etc.) that leads to lively skin. The highly permeable emulsion penetrates the stratum corneum of the skin and protects it from environmental stresses such as dryness. Envelop yourself in the feminine floral damask rose scent that uses natural fragrances.

ALMOORE BEAUTY Rich Body Cream - body designing & relax time - CBD

A body cream containing special ingredients that can care for the whole body with just one is born.

When used for massage, the cream contains arnica flower extract, which has the effect of preventing rough skin due to moisturizing, and chrysanthemum indicum extract, which tightens the skin, and supports self-massage for those who are concerned about swelling and cellulite. .
In addition, arnica flower extract has been used for a long time for its effect of maintaining healthy skin, and can be used for skin care after exercise.
A highly permeable cream that gently moisturizes not only the skin surface but also the stratum corneum, aiming for supple skin every time you use it. It has a non-sticky, light texture that moisturizes and moisturizes the skin.

Using high-purity CBD, the natural ingredients contained in hemp prevent skin problems caused by environmental stress such as dryness. We use only CBD that has passed strict screening and has not been confirmed to have harmful psychoactive substances, so even those who are concerned about it can use it.
Damask rose flower oil, a natural fragrance, is naturally scented, and the feminine floral scent wraps your body and relaxes your body and mind.
It has 8 additive-free and skin-friendly formulations manufactured in Japan, so it can be used by people with sensitive skin.
Synthetic surfactant, mineral oil, synthetic polymer, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorant, paraben, silicone free.

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