ALMOORE Body Design Lingerie Pre-order now available

The brand's first body makeup lingerie has started pre-order from ALMOORE

Body makeup lingerie that makes you beautiful just by wearing it.
Stylish body make-up with an elegant design.
Correct your body, make your lines stand out, and beautify yourself.

ALMOORE Body Design Lingerie

bust makeup bra

A body makeup bra that turns your bust upward just by wearing it.
By pulling the bust inward and holding it firmly so that it does not flow to the side, the bust is corrected to the correct position.
Create a beautiful rounded silhouette with a design that catches your chest and does not miss it.
The design features eyelash lace using Swarovski®︎ for an elegant impression.

waist makeup shorts

Shorts made of silk fabric that has excellent moisturizing properties and has a beautiful skin effect.
The design makes your legs look longer and your waist slimmer for a more stylish look.
The delicate expression of the lace gives an elegant impression.

Hip-up shorts / T-back

A thong with a design that makes your butt look round and beautiful just by wearing it.
We use 100% cotton fabric that is gentle on the skin and silk fabric that has excellent moisturizing properties to prevent rashes.
The design features beautiful lace that shines against the bare skin, and the high-quality materials add elegance.

Hip-up shorts/glamor slender

Correction shorts with hip lifting effect.
The stomach area is neatly held, and the thin power net pushes up the hip line from the bottom to create a beautiful butt.
The slanted V-line design makes your legs look longer and your waist slimmer.
Uses high-quality lace for an elegant impression.

waist design lingerie

A waist cincher that gives you a beautiful waist and bust-up effect just by wearing it.
Tighten your stomach and support your bust from below to create an upward bust style.
Using lace that matches the bra and shorts, the design creates a sense of unity when worn as a set.

Sales schedule

Pre-order sales will start from 13:00 on Saturday, December 3rd.
Orders placed now are scheduled to be shipped in early to mid-April.
Please note that the time of purchase and the time of delivery of the product are different.

About returns and exchanges

Please refer to the size chart above when purchasing.

In addition, if the size of the product you received does not fit, we accept the "first size exchange" , so please contact us.

Click here for more information on size exchanges .

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